MHY 926

Input/output element with power outputs

Input/output element MHY 926 connects to an addressable loop of FDFAS LITES.

Input/output element MHY 926 connects to an addressable loop of FDFAS LITES. Contains 2 programmable inputs and 2 monitored potential relay outputs. Is intended for control and monitoring connected devices with alarm protection.

MHY 926 is an addressable multi-fold input/output element that connects to analogue addressable control panels of FDFAS LITES MHU 115, MHU 116 and MHU 117.

Inputs serve for automatic signalization of predefined special states of any external device which signals this state either by closing/opening an electronic contact or by voltage applied to optoisolated input. Contacts can also be set as monitored. Inputs can be used for monitoring state of external power source dedicated to power supply the outputs of MHY 926.

Outputs serve for control connected external devices. They are potential, monitored for shortcircuit and interruption of lines between the output and connected external device. Monitoring of outputs cannot be disabled. Current for outputs power supply is supplied from connected external power source.

Properties of each input and output are set in configuration program.

The element connects to the detection loop with two-wire lines. Element communicates with the control panel on 4 consecutive addresses. Default address is set via addressing preparation MHY 536 (535) in range 1÷125, while the next three addresses are generated automatically. First two addresses belong to inputs, the next two to outputs.

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