MHG 186

Ionization Smoke Detector

Ionization smoke detector MHG 186 is heavy fire detector, intended in cooperation with addressable and conventional (non addressable) control and indicating equipment LITES for automatic signalling of arising fires as a detector responsive to combustion products - both visible and invisible smoke particles (aerosols).

Ionization smoke detector MHG 186 is intended for use in areas protected against atmospheric conditions and wherever it suits its coverage and climatic resistance and where there are no sudden changes in temperature leading to sweating and icing. Ionization smoke detector MHG 186 complies with the ČSN EN 54-7.

Ionization smoke detector MHG 186 is designed for an environment in which the ionization smoke detector of light construction cannot be used, e.g. by increased demands on mechanical strength. It is placed in the place of the occurrence and concentration of smoke in buildings with materials which during smouldering or burning develop a smoke.

Ionization smoke detector is connectable to the addressable CIE MHU 109, MHU 110, MHU 111, MHU 115, MHU 116, MHU 117 and non addressable CIE MHU 102, MHU 103, MHU 106, MHU 108 and MHU 113 by base MHY 713. To the Ionization smoke detector MHG 186 it is possible to connect light remote indicator MHS 409 (MHS 407.123) or heavy one MHS 408.

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