Our wide range of fire detection solutions also includes detectors and manual call points with higher IP protection for hazardous areas.

These detectors are connected to the MHY 946 Ex isolation unit. This unit provides intrinsically safe line voltage and current at its input terminals in the event of any fault in the fire alarm system, thus there is no risk of intrinsic safety violations for lines and detectors installed in hazardous areas. The communication between the control panel and the detectors is addressable and allows full diagnostics of the detectors. Even in such challenging conditions, we can design a fire detection solution for you together with our partners.


Interactive ionisation smoke detector MHG 186 Ex

Interactive smoke detector for signaling a fire as a smoke detector based on the principle of ionization of air and its impurities in an ionization chamber.

Multisensor interactive detector MHG 881 Ex

Interactive detector with higher protection and mechanical resistance designed for automatic signalling of a fire as a smoke and heat detector in the LITES analogue addressable electrical fire alarm system.

Terminal block MHY 741

It is designed for connection of automatic "heavy duty" fire detectors to the control panel reporting line in the LITES electrical fire alarm system in hazardous areas.

Separation unit MHY 946

Element that allows the connection of intrinsically safe detectors located in hazardous areas to the line of addressable control panels

Manual call point detector MHA 184

Designed for use in explosion hazardous areas for manual signalling of a fire by the person who detected the fire.

Intrinsically safe cable OZ-BL-CY

Special PVC shielded control cable with blue jacket for hazardous explosion areas.
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