Demo version 16 – configuration and diagnostic program
for control panels MHU 116/117

Dear Business Partners,

we would like to inform you, that a new version (version 16) of the configuration program for MHU 116/117 control panel is availible to download on our website, as well as a new version of the LITES Remote application - remote display for PC (version 16). Application for mobile connections can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

MHU 116/117 – Changelog (Version 16):

  • Network diagnostics (remote master status check)
    It is now possible to view the status of the detectors, monitor the values on the detector chambers, monitor communication on the lines of other control panels connected to the network from any master.
  • Diagnostics of network communication
    From the display of the control panel, it is possible to monitor the status of devices in the master's network environment using the Display of device status, i.e. which addresses of the masters it sees on channel 1 and on channel 2.
    In the diagnostic program, there is a new Network item to select, which is available if there is more than one master in the configuration. Here it is possible to monitor the communication in the network environment of another master.
  • Time settings
    When sending the configuration to the systém, it is possible to choose real-time settings according to the PC.
  • Quick informations bubbles
    Help for system elements (bubbles) was added to the configuration program, which, when the mouse cursor is placed over the relevant element (alarm, output, etc.), will briefly display it's contents without the need to open the element's window.
  • Addresses in TEST mode
    The configuration program now allows uploading addresses in TEST mode to the system.
  • Internal events
    In the configuration program, so-called internal events can be downloaded from the control panel in the Download tab. Text will be be saved in a text file and could be sent to the manufacturer for evaluation when solving any problems.
  • Status SMS and email messages
    If a DPE-2 card is installed in the control panel, it is possible to send a so-called status SMS to selected telephone numbers via the GSM module, i.e. a report of how much alarms, faults, shutdowns, output activations, tests, etc has passed since the last report. Status SMS sending time is governed by the selected timer setting. Sending time of SMS is set via timer.
    It is also possible to use the GSM module to send a list of selected events to up to 4 e-mail addresses. It can be set at regular time intervals or according to the selected timer.
    All these settings are made in the configuration program.
  • Group test
    The new Group Test feature makes it easy to test groups with a logical condition. The function is controlled on the control panel display (Menu – Testing). An activated element in a group in the Group Test mode remains active even after the element get back to a rest state (ventilation of test gas from the detector chamber, removal of the test screen from the linear detector, etc.) and thus counts towards meeting the condition of the group.
  • Simulation of alarms and faults
    On the display of the control panel under icon CTRL (control) on the bottom line of the display, can fault be set on selected address, or set it to active state.
  • Alarm blocking
    The function is controlled on the control panel display (Menu – Testing). By selecting the function, the entire system is put into a state where the activated input (detector) flashes, but does not announce a section or general alarm and the system is in a rest state. On all displays in the system, the inscription Alarm blocking is displayed in place of the time and date.
    Events Fault, Technological alarm, Technological event, Technological fault, etc. are announced.
  • Remote display
    Added a status screen of all saved profiles showing their current status and the option to directly click/preview the given profile.
    The Remote View application has been upgraded to the current version of the libraries. The application may not be fully compatible with older versions of operating systems, in the case of the PC version it is no more compatible with Windows XP, for example.



Before uploading the configuration, the masters in the network are first checked. Thus, in the case of an incomplete network and the resulting interruption of the transmission of a new configuration, the current valid configuration will not be damaged.


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