Solutions for wireless installations

Do you need to secure an existing facility without the option of installing wired wiring?
Need a solution for securing historic buildings and spaces?

The wireless system is particularly suitable for use where, for structural or aesthetic reasons, it is not possible or not suitable to install cabling for conventional wired fire detectors. Historic and listed buildings and spaces are ideal areas for this technology. The installation of wireless fire detectors in these areas is very quick and gentle.

Other uses for wireless detectors are exhibition spaces and displays with frequently changing uses and temporary installations of fire alarm systems during exhibitions and trade fairs. They are also useful in continuous operations, such as hotel rooms or small guesthouses, where it is necessary to install fire protection or subsequent maintenance at short intervals in the existing building.

Wireless technology provides a comparable level of security and transmission reliability to wired networks. The highest level of security and reliability is ensured through two-way communication. Each detector and system element has a main and backup battery.


Wireless detector evaluation unit

The unit allows the connection of up to 32 detectors and elements detects two-way wireless communication with the connected elements, which are fully monitored for alarms and faults, ensuring the highest level of safety and reliability.

Wireless detectors - optical, thermal or multi-sensor

Point detectors in optical, temperature or multi-sensor variants. Fully intelligent devices that are compatible with evaluation units and expanders. Supplied with mounting terminal block and main and backup battery.

Wireless push button detector

Manual annunciator compatible with evaluation units and expanders. Supplied in surface mount housing and with main and backup battery.

Wireless siren or siren with flasher

Conventional siren or siren with flasher. Must be supplemented with a wireless communication module including batteries. Adjustable volume, choice of 32 tones.