Demo version 17 –configuration and diagnostic program
for control panels MHU 116/117

Dear business partners,

we would like to inform you that a new version 17.0 of the configuration program for MHU 116/117 control panels is available for download on our website, as well as a new version 17.0 of Remote View for PC. Mobile versions of the app are available for download on the APP Store and Google Play.

MHU 116/117 - Changes in version 17

  • Do not reset outputs
    It is possible to select any outputs that will not be automatically deactivated when the control panel is reseted.
  • Option to delay power failure reporting.
    Delay of mains power failure notification can be delayed by 1 to 15 minutes.
  • Option to generate only one test event from each address since reset of C.I.E.
    The address under test will only be written to the event memory once, even if it is activated multiple times during testing (lots of test gas, repeated activation, etc.).
  • Added date and time to  event sms.
  • Added alarm and fault counters to status sms.

We recommend to upgrade firmware of control panels.

LITES Liberec

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