MHA 184 Ex
MHA 184 Ex
MHA 184 Manual call point
The Manual Call Point MHA 184 Ex is intended for manual fire signalling by a person discovering the fire. It is used for the analogue addressable system or conventional loops of Fire Detection and Fire Alarm System LITES.

The Manual Call Point MHA 184 is intended for use at places unprotected against weather influences wherever it suits its IP protection and climatic resistance. The Manual Call Point MHA
184 meets requirements of standard EN 54 -11.
Primarily indended for hazardous areas, certificate number is FTZÚ 17 ATEX 0049X. Has increased level of protection for explosive gas atmosphere Gc and high level of protection for
explosive atmosphere with dust Db, furthermore is designed for areas where lightweight detectors cannot be used, for example where increased mechanical resistance is required.
The Manual Call Point connects to the addressable control panels MHU 109, MHU 110, MHU 111, MHU 115, MHU 116, MHU 117 and conventional control panels MHU, 102, MHU 103, MHU
106, MHU 108 and MHU 113. The Manual Call Point can be used in addressable system or in conventional system with current and voltage detection loops as a direct replacement of MHA 101, MHA 144, MHA 181, MHA 182 and MHA 183.To the Manual Call Point can be connected Remote Indicator MHS 409, MHS 408, eventually MHS 407.
Addressing and setting of a Manual Call Point is carried out using preparation MHY 535.


Technical parameters
Adressable system
Power supply  20 (-3 to +1) Vimp adressable control panels LITES
Equivalent current 120 μA
Range of setting address 1 ÷ 128
Conventional system
Power Supply (16 ÷ 24) Vss
Nominal power supply  21,5 VSS
Current during fire alarm
- current regime 20 (-5 až +1) mA
- voltage regime max. 100 mA (omezen ústřednou)
(5,7 ÷ 8) V při 10 mA
Optical signalling detector red LED
Protection according to ČSN EN 60 529 IP 65
Radio screening degree according to ČSN EN 55 022 B-class equipment
Cross-section of attachable conductores (0,1 ÷ 1,5) mm2
Size of vista (70 x 70) mm
Mechanical protection of button glass plate
Dimensions w x h x d 130,5 x 133 x 77
Weight cca 1,1 kg
Explosive protection {Ex} II 3G Ex ec ic IIC T6 Gc
{Ex} II 2D Ex tb IIIC T 80 °C Db


Working conditions
The manuall call point is intended for stationary use in areas unprotected against weatherproof with classification according to ČSN EN 60 721-3-4:
Working temperature range -20 °C to +70 °C
Working temperature range max 95 % at 40 °C
  (85% to 95% / ≤ 40 °C) 100 hours./year