DPE-2 Peripherials module GSM/LAN
New module for modular C.I.E.s MHU 116/117

Dear bussiness partners, we present new peripherials module GSM/LAN with possibility of remote access to C.I.E.s MHU 116/117 and their remote displaying and controlling via PC or a smartphone. Furthermore there is a possibility to send every event from the system to Your phone.


  • Optional module for C.I.E.s MHU 116/117

  • GSM (LTE) communicator

  • 3 connectors for connecting LAN

  • Opening for antenna in the C.I.E. case (slot 5 and 11)

  • Setting via configuration program (from v.10)


GSM (LTE) communicator


  • Sending of events to up to 8 set numbers

  • Phone number and user name setting

  • Sending of all or selected events

  • Setting of SMS sending or ringing

  • Control SMS about system state

  • Option of disabling/enabling sending of events


Remote display


  • Full display anf control of C.I.E.s and repeaters

  • Application for smartphones and tablets

  • Supports iOS and Android

  • Multilingual menu: CZ, SK, EN

  • Events downloading and sorting

  • Remote display free to download from our web


Download the leaflet here